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Rich Jackson

Nathan Harding is the definition of a hard-working actor. He puts in the work to each role to make it the best that it can be. He adapts quickly to direction and takes each role to a new level. He’s professional, prompt and a good actor. He not only raises himself up but gets the others in the production to work to be their best. Nathan is focused and positive and a joy to work with.

Stephen Bracco

Nathan Harding played a lead role in the theatrical premiere of my comedy, Fashionable Carry. With his infectious sweetness and humor, Nathan brought the character vividly to life. As I was also the production’s director, I found Nathan a joy to work with, as did the other actors. He approached acting with the confident honesty and playfulness of someone who embraces life’s experiences fully. He was also extremely helpful with his social media skills in helping me market the production. And Nathan is simply one of the nicest people I know.

Irina Lebedeva

Irina Lebedeva

I know this page is for testimonials about Nathan as an actor, writer and director, but he’s also an amazing accountability coach! Nathan is dedicated, always in communication, and really cares about your success as a client—above and beyond! You feel that you have a guardian angel who never makes you wrong and is not afraid to ask the tough questions that will empower you. I highly recommend him! He should be cast as a life coach or therapist in a movie or TV show!

Tommy Jamerson

Nathan is a hard-working and extremely versatile talent who’s been blessed with both great instincts and comedic timing.  Thanks to his electric performance in my play, Eternal Flamer! The Ballad of Jessie Blade, I was able to see new shades and dimensions in my characters that I didn’t even know existed.  He’s truly a playwright’s dream come true!